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Three Missing Sons of a Politician Found Dead (Photo)

Some evil men have killed three sons of a Kenyan politician leaving his family and community members in serious shock. Three children of  A Kenyan politician, James Ratemo whose two children went missing have been found dead. A journalist with The Star, Mosoku Geoffrey revealed the news on Facebook writing: “Three missing children belonging to James Ratemo, Kanu… Read More »

Mob beats six child abduction suspects to death

Police said no fewer than six men were beaten to death by a mob in eastern India on suspicion that they had kidnapped children, a media report said on Friday. The killings took place in two separate incidents in adjoining districts of Jharkhand State on Thursday. Angry villagers pelted stones, clashed with police and also torched two police… Read More »

101-year-old Sets New Record After Diving from the Sky (Photo)

An English skydiver has made history by diving from the sky to become the world’s oldest tandem skydiver in history. Bryson William Hayes, the skydiver who created the  record A 101-year-old man from southwest England has become the world’s oldest tandem skydiver. Bryson William ‘Verdun’ Hayes, known as Verdun, completed the record-breaking jump Sunday. He skydived for the… Read More »

Beautiful Lady Accidentally Hangs Herself While Trying to Frighten Her Boyfriend After a Row (Photos)

A beautiful young woman has accidentally killed herself while trying to frighten her boyfriend after a row with him. Abigail Brown An inquest has heard that Abigail Brown, a British backpacker accidentally hanged herself in a Thailand hotel room in a tragic attempt to “frighten” her boyfriend after rowing with him. According to The Sun UK, Abigail Brown, known… Read More »

Busted: 40-year-old Woman Caught at the Airport With Cocaine Hidden Inside Her Stomach

A woman has been nabbed while attempting to smuggle cocaine through an airport by hiding it inside her stomach. File photo Isaura Masinga, a 40-year-old South African woman suspected to have ingested cocaine and attempted to smuggle the drugs into Zimbabwe was busted at Harare International Airport on Friday. According to H-Metro, Isaura Masinga, of Germistone, South Africa, was… Read More »