How To Choose Your Dream Wedding Gown

By | November 25, 2016

How To Choose Your Dream Wedding Gown

Choosing a wedding dress often seems like a terrifying task for brides-to-be. A wedding consists of numerous aspects, from the venue to the catering team, but while you can ask for help in making those choices, shopping for a wedding gown is usually left for the bride herself. If you’re struggling with picking the right dress, here are some tips that will definitely help!

Consider the theme and the venue

In the recent years themed weddings and unusual locations have gotten very popular among couples, and your choice of the theme clearly determines the choice of a dress. For example, a relaxed beach wedding calls for light fabrics and effortless designs, which means that ball gowns with enormous skirts and corsets are out of question. On the other hand, traditional weddings in cathedral and posh restaurants mean your dress has to be as classic as possible, while short skirts and bright colors can be considered tasteless.


Create a budget

While shopping for a wedding outfit, it’s important to decide how much you’re ready to spend before you start picking out dresses, so that you could look for gowns within your price range and not be disappointed when you find a stunning dress you can’t afford. Generally, you can expect the gown, veil, gloves, and other wedding accessories to account for 10-15% of the wedding budget. However, it’s possible to save money while shopping for a wedding gown, but only if you shop in Nigeria’s large online marketplace, Jiji. Find hundreds of wedding dresses on sale and enjoy your beautiful wedding look!

Know when to start the search

A common mistake for many future brides is to start their quest for a wedding gown too late. If you’re looking for an elaborately designed dress that requires a lot of fine work, six months before the wedding date is the ideal time to start shopping. In case you’re not planning to get a custom dress and want to buy a ready-made one, your search can start two months before the event, since there is a good chance that even the most perfect dress will need some alterations to fit you perfectly.

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Focus on the silhouette

If you visit a wedding gown shop and look at dresses on display, you will find that all dresses look unlike each other in terms of colors, decorations, and design tricks. However, all wedding gowns are based on a few standard silhouettes, and determining which one is ideal for your body can make your search much faster and more effective. For example, pear-shaped bodies call for A-line dresses and a V neckline, while plus-sized ladies will look irresistible in an Empire waistline dress made of a structured, rather than flowy material.

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