My encounter with the Nigerian police over the weekend

By | January 18, 2016

Hello my blog readers. How was your weekend. Hope it was fantabulous (fantastic and fabulous)? lol Mine was fantastic and dramatic.

It was fantastic because I got the chance to see my dad, and my siblings. It was dramatic because I had a very funny encounter with the Nigerian police in Lagos. Here is the real gist….

My elder sister gave birth to a bouncing baby boy so I went to her place for the naming ceremony. I had to leave very early the following day because I had pending issues to take care of coupled with the fact that I had to post some articles on my blog that same morning. On my way back to my house, the police stopped us for their stop and search routine. They stopped the vehicle probably because there were too many boiz in the car .lol (my younger brother and his friends).

They decided to search all that we had on us including the small purse I was carrying. I had four phones in that purse. iphone 6, Samsung Galaxy S5, Samsung Galaxy S4 and Blackberry Q10. Immediately they saw my phones, the next thing they said was ” you are a yahoo yahoo, what are you doing with four phones, only you? You must produce all the receipts of these phones. I said it’s because of the type of business I do. They said ” what type of business?” I said, Internet business. They said, “it’s a lie. You are a yahoo yahoo. You must follow us to the station for interrogation”

Hmmmm…. are you guys for real? I laughed and I tried to remain calm but I was burning inside. They collected all our phones including mine and they insisted we follow them to the station. I couldn’t do anything about it coz they simply said they were doing their job. I got to their station and the time was around 5.30 am.  These people delayed me for over an hour. They made sure they ransacked all my phones. When they found nothing, they simply handed the phones to me and said “madam, you like Samsung too much o” Can you guys imagine?

If I was going for an appointment, is that how they would have just delayed me for the fun of it? What If I had n***d pictures on my phone? I knew I could argue with them, because I know my rights but they would have ended up delaying me more than that. I had nothing to hide so the best thing I could do was to allow sleeping dogs lie. I needed to prove to them that their allegation was completely wrong and I was vindicated at the end of the day. Did they apologize for what they did? no!

I am sharing this with you so you can have one or two lessons to learn from this whole drama.

Lesson 1- Your phone is your phone yes, but you need to be mindful of what you put into it. Anything can happen at anytime. My phones were pass-worded but I still had to give the policemen access to it because, according to them, they were doing their job. If I had something to hide, that is how they would have just invaded my privacy.

Lesson 2- Always ensure that your hands are clean with whatever you do in life. If I was into yahoo yahoo or any illegal stuff, judging by the way they scrutinized my phones, there is no way they wouldn’t have found something they can use to nab me. And that is one good thing about online business, you will never have to worry about law enforcement agencies even if you decide to drive the most expensive car in the world.

I am sure there are other lessons you have learnt from this funny experience of mine and like I said, my weekend was dramatic. I still have an amazing story to share with you, but that would be tomorrow. Till then, have a blessed week. Ciao…


Author: Aderonke Bamidele

I am an Information Entrepreneur Queen. I have passion of helping people who are searching for relevant information from the web to solve their day to day problems. Remember; knowledge is power. I also like to write about the general things that are happening in my country. From money making ideas to Latest news and celebrity gossips. My passion for blogging is strictly inspired by things that I love to talk about.

28 thoughts on “My encounter with the Nigerian police over the weekend

  1. Anonymous

    This was really dramatic. Had a similar experience too but that is a story for another day. Keep up the good work.

  2. Bolade

    what a funny and dramatic weekend. Hope you’re not hurt in anyway

  3. Anonymous

    I had a similar experience on my way to catch the staff bus to work sometime last year. The annoying part was that they wouldn’t apologize after confirming that you’re clean.

  4. IK

    This story is very interesting. I learnt the lesson about keeping our phones free from rubbish and nonsense. Truly anything can happen at any time. thanks so much for sharing.

  5. Anthony

    So sorry about that. You should have pressed charges against. Next time, they won’t try that with anyone else

  6. Kehinde

    Happy for your sister that put to bed. May God keep and be with the baby

  7.'Adebanjo Oluwaseun Mathew(PST)

    Its well cos all story ended on d fact DAT they are doing their job.

  8. James JP

    That is Nigerian police for you, in another country at least an apology would be offered. Anyway, it’s always good to have a clean hand in everything you do. Just keep on with the good work


    Hi mama Happy new year miss you plenty, it is really unfortunate that we have to continue to endure our police and their wahala as you no your rights no reach were police dey


    lols.. those greedy idiot with their black mindset.. God pass them o… but Boss u for flash me through PayPal make I treat their fuck up


    they are only embarassing people in the name of doing their job. sadly, that is the society we are living in as if we in different world. unfortunately, they are still ignorant of how internet business have evolved over the years. take heart dont be discouraged.


    hmmm,truly it was dramatic, well done, God Almighty shall continue to protect and guide you

  13.'joseph edomwande

    Well is a wonderful experience, thank God for your patience with them if supposing you agrund with them it have been a different case. We bless God.

  14. Wisdom

    Those guys really disturbed you o. Thank God you beat them to it

  15. Oluwaseun

    Whao! I’m really sorry for what they did. But everything happens for a reason. If they did not delay you, only God knows what could have happened. Remember that God works in a mysterious ways. Thank to God nothing bad happened to you guys

  16. Bimpe

    lolz. Fantabulous indeed! so sorry for the embarassment dear. just keep on with the good work. all the best. cheers

  17.'oyedokun adewole oluwasogo

    Their were d victims u were d victorious
    Bull sheet them
    Stayed blessed Queen

  18.'akubah samuel

    I really learn 4rm this ur story though is funny but@ d same time is not funny.


    what a country !! Thank God they did not hurt you.


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