Second Part Video Of Chidinma Okeke Sex Tape Scandal Leaked Online

By | October 25, 2016

Some days ago, a lesbian sex video of two young ladies went viral on the internet. You can read the full gist here on ABB if you missed it.

The young ladies were recognized to be Miss Anambra 2015, Okeke Chidinma, and her personal assistant, Adaobi Nzekwe.

The video demonstrated the woman recognized as Ada, utilizing a cucumber as a sex toy on the other woman identified as Chidinma Okeke.

According to a post made by Chidinma Okeke on Instagram, she claimed that the said video was photoshopped, that her face was imposed on an existing video and hence, should be disregarded.

Her response made the allegation authentic and clearer. Her fans were angry that she was trying to play with their intelligence by saying that a video as clear as that was photoshopped.

One commenter said…

”If I were her, I would just said, I wasnt the one in the video…full stop. To mention photoshop for video matter means, she already agreed it was her face in the video, in that case, she is the one”

Another said,

”Do you think we all are babies? You can fool people one at a time but you can’t fool everybody at the same time.
It was clearly obvious you did that ugly act all because of some financial or societal gain. You are a liar and no one can or will ever believe anything that comes out from your mouth. If I were you I would rather keep shut and mute and let the story die down in peace”

Chidinma Okeke’s statement prompted her blackmailer to release another video that clearly show the faces of the young girls that were involved.

I heard there is going to be a third video. I think someone wanted to blackmail her and collect ransom, she refused hence the video leakage.

In Africa by African standards, this girl is finished from all angles. All I’ve felt for her since seeing the first video is pity. She should just look for a western nation to seek asylum in and never return.

You can watch the second video below, so disgusting !

You can watch the first video here

Adaobi Nzekwe

Chidinma Okereke

Chidinma Okereke

second sex video chidinma okeke

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