See How PDP Youths Followed Car Carrying Votes From Polling Unit To Prevent Rigging

By | December 11, 2016

According to Nicholas who shared the story, Rivers state sons and daughters escorted vehicles conveying casted votes from polling units to INEC office. He said this is exactly what Wike meant by Rivers state will resist any attempt by APC to manipulate results.

He said…

‘Before Election – APC said we will do what we did in Edo and Ondo, we will allow PDP win at the polling unit and then change the result at the collation office. We will use Army and Police to chase them away.

After Election- Rivers sons and daughters have replied them. When Wike said we will resist the tyrant, this is what he meant. Escorting the results. This is how you fight against tyranny. This is south south. 2019 will be outstanding’

Author: Aderonke Bamidele

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