Hello Howafrica, Thank you for this avenue that allows your readers to share their stories. I decided to tell you about mine and I hope that I will have advice in return because I want to get back my girlfriend.

My name is Tom and in secondary school days,I met Amandine. She was the most beautiful girl in the class. She intimidated me enormously. When I was asleep, I thought only of her. One day I took my courage in both hands and I confessed to him my feelings. She told me he liked me too. It was the most beautiful day of my life. We live in an adolescent relationship. I am very jealous and it irritates me when other boys spoke to her.

We argued very often. When we were not together, I imagined she was with other guys. To reassure me about her loyalty, I asked my buddy to dredge her.

My best friend is an handsome like me and  also a great seducer. I thought if she could resist her charm, it would mean she was a faithful woman.

The operation “seduction Amandine” began, my friend gave me daily reports. He told me it was difficult and she did not want to give in to his advances. I was reassured, then he stopped talking to me about what he was doing when I asked him, he said he was busy with his girlfriend.

When I went home, she was never present. I noticed a change at Amandine, she had become cold. She sulked me and did not want me to come to see her. I was trying to figure out why she had changed her behavior.

One day I followed her in secret, as soon as she came out of her house, I saw that she was very beautiful and very well dressed.

Great was my surprise, when I saw my best friend come for her, the two kissed languorously. He took my girlfriend. She does not want to talk to me anymore and I wonder if I can get her back.

Thanks in advance for your advice.