Please, send a payment notification message to

  1. Include The Following In Your Message
  2. The Bank name that you paid into
  3. The teller number / deposit slip number / Transaction ID
  4. Amount paid
  5. Your name
  6. Your phone number
  7. Your e-Mail address
  8. Depositor’s name
  9. Your Location, i.e-Ghana, Kenya etc.
  10. Source of Information, i.e-Google, Facebook, Moneylandforum, Through a friend e.t.c.
  11. e-Book Code, i.e-  IWS ( Internet Wealth Secrets)
  12. Date Of Payment

If you do not receive your package within 24hours after payment, please do not send an sms, simply call any of these numbers immediately



Once your payment has been confirmed, the electronic books would be sent to your e-mail address within 24hrs, download them and start reading them at once.

You will download the books the same way you normally download songs and pictures online. If you still don’t know what an electronic book is, click here to download some of my free e-books