Origin of the bouquet

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The practice of the bouquet of the bride in France dates back to the Middle Ages in the days of the holy wars. The crusades would have brought back this tradition from their travels. At that time, it consisted of orange blossoms that represented the purity of the bride. But besides that, contrary to what one believes, the bouquet of flowers did not look so romantic.

Indeed, at the base made of orange blossoms, it was used for hygienic reasons. For the flowers were used to mask bad odors. Hygiene was at that time a luxury, because people were entitled to non-daily baths. These flowers were of great help to the bride.

Until the eve of the First World War, it was customary to place the bouquet on a velvet cushion that was covered with a glass bell. This provision was to preserve it throughout the union.

Thus, if we want to respect the tradition, the future groom is the one who should take charge of the bouquet. If you like, think of guiding your future by informing about your expectations: type of flowers, colors, shape and so on.

Meaning of the tradition of the bride’s bouquet

The significance of the bouquet of the bride takes mostly its meaning in the custom of throwing the bouquet! Even today, all young women (or almost) secretly dream of catching it … and getting married in the year.


In or out?

Quite impossible to clear the famous bouquet! On the other hand, originality is essential and everything is allowed in terms of aesthetics, line, flower, colors etc. To do well, a small flower from your bouquet hanging on your husband’s jacket pocket will have the best effect!