Here’s the magic recipe:

Take 20-30 grams of seed, grind and boil for 15 minutes in 2 liters of water. This amount will be sufficient for two days, and you should take a break on the third day.

Repeat the procedure for several weeks, but it is mandatory to take a break every three days.

Advantages of watermelon seeds for health

A few of the benefits of watermelon seeds for health include.

Protecting the health of the heart

By being rich in magnesium, the seeds help protect your heart so that it could function normally. In addition, they allow you to maintain the blood pressure level and improve your metabolism.

Prevent aging

Their high antioxidant content helps you avoid aging, strengthen your skin and keep it healthier and younger.

Eliminate Acne

Take a cotton swab and soak it in oil of watermelon seeds. Apply it on your face to clean up acne, dirt, as well as dead skin cells. This oil is particularly suited to each type of skin and can help a lot with skin ailments.

Hair Strengthening

The high protein content as well as the amino acid content make the watermelon seeds very useful for strengthening the hair. Also, grilled watermelon seeds could make your hair shiny as they have copper that produces melanin which is a pigment giving hair strong color.

Treating itchy scalp

Watermelon seed oil has a light texture, so it could be easily absorbed. This oil can be used as a moisturizer for dry scalp, itchy or even dandruff.

Prevent damage to the hair

These seeds contain essential fatty acids that will prevent hair damage.

Blood pressure regulation and prevention of coronary artery disease

Arginine helps you balance blood pressure and treat coronary artery disease. Coronary artery disease is the result of narrowing of arterial vessels and blockage of blood circulation. Arginine, which is an important component of watermelon seeds, helps to prevent narrowing of blood vessels. Other amino acids present in these types of seeds are tryptophan and lysine.

Strengthen the immune system

The consumption of watermelon seeds provides you with a significant amount of magnesium which is important for maintaining a healthy defense mechanism. Magnesium deficiency

Can lead to muscle spasms, heart disease, diabetes and others. In addition, pantothenic acid is known as the essential vitamin B5. Its role is to break down carbohydrates into energy and is mainly found in legumes, animal meat and vegetables.

Provide the body with essential amino acids

Arginine and lysine are among the amino acids that are required by the body to function in the most perfect way. These nutrients improve the metabolism of the body and allow the assimilation of calcium to strengthen the bones and tissues. These types of amino acids also provide wonderful benefits for sexual health.

Supply the body with unsaturated and healthy fats

About 80% of fat in watermelon seeds are unsaturated fats with an addition of omega 3 fatty acids. The use of watermelon seeds simply means a lot of energy to the body without additional calories. A cup of these dried seeds can fill half of the daily necessity e healthy fats.

Hair and nail health

Watermelon seeds could help keep our hair healthy and shiny and our nails long and robust as they contain a good amount of protein. The protein of watermelon seeds even includes other amino acids such as lysine, arginine, tryptophan and glutamic acid which are all essential amino acids necessary to keep hair healthy, nails robust.

Healing Edema

Mix a teaspoon of dried watermelon seeds with a teaspoon of honey and put this combination in ¾ cup of lukewarm water. Mix well and consume the mixture immediately (at least twice a day). This particular exercise helps you control the problem of edema.

Improving male fertility

The antioxidant lycopene in watermelon seeds is certainly an excellent and effective corrective method to increase male potency levels in men. This should be possible by including the dried seeds in the daily diet.

Treat Diabetes

A handful of watermelon seeds in a liter of water for 45 minutes should be taken daily as a home remedy for diabetes control. This really is one of the benefits worthy enough to be reported here due to the prevalence of diabetes within the population.

Moisturizing the skin

Fatty acids in watermelon seeds is an ideal use for soft, supple and hydrated skin. Additionally, it adds firmness as well as helps to prevent skin diseases as well as acne problems. Overall, it maintains good skin health as well as application as well as consumption.

Preserving hair color

Copper is among the minerals contained in watermelon seeds. This element promotes the creation of melanin in the body which is likely to provide a strong color to the hair. In addition, it offers the color of the skin. Similarly, the essential fatty acids in the oil from these seeds works well to deeply nourish the locks of hair.