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By | March 25, 2016

You can call this an honest review or a feedback. But by the time you finish reading this article, I am sure you will find this information very useful especially if you are willing to start a business and you need little capital to get started. If you don’t have any family or friends to go to for help, you can actually get this financial assistance through

I was on Facebook yesterday when I saw an advert on how you can obtain a loan online and paylater.


I decided to follow the link to confirm how genuine it is. Alot of my students have been asking me if this option is available online and I promised to update them if anything like that comes up.

Infact, as I was just about publishing this post, another email came in from one of my students again requesting for the same information.


You asked for it, now you got it…

The good news is that this company I’m about to tell you about is actually genuine and legitimate. My job is to confirm an information before bringing it to you and I have done just that. If you have seen their advert but you are not sure if it’s legitimate or not or maybe you are just hearing about for the first time. I am happy to tell you that, the company is legitimate and their service is amazing!

You can now get a loan of up to N10,000 in just 24hrs through this company and you can pay back within two weeks/ a month depending on how convenient it is for you.

If you take a loan and pay back on time, it qualifies you to take a higher loan in future. I am not affiliated to this company but because I love to share information that will be useful to you in one way or the other, that is why I am sharing this information with you and to prove to you that this company is legitimate as they claimed. I decided to test their service for confirmation purpose. And I am going to show you all the steps I took to get this done.

Let’s head on to their website

paylaterClick on log in/register.

You will log into their website through your Facebook account .


Click on Okay

paylater6If the name on your Facebook account matches the one on your bank account, click on YES


Complete the registration form

You will answer all the questions truthfully. They will ask you personal questions including your BVN. Fear not, they only need this to confirm if you are genuine or not. They will also ask you for your account details. If you answer all the questions appropriately, you will be able to submit the registration form and a verification code would be sent to your phone. Once you are logged in, you will then request for the loan that you want.

As at the time of writing this post, the maximum amount they can give you is N10,000 and the interest rate on 10,000 is N1,500 if you decide to pay back in 14days as you can see in the image below. Your account would be credited in 24hours and you will be given the due date to pay back the loan.


I don’t need the loan, I only applied for it so I can write this report, I got an alert on my phone within just 2hours of applying for this loan. So you can confidently ask for a small loan on the website and pay back within 2 weeks or one month. Please note that, paying back in one month would attract an interest rate of N3,000 while paying back in 2 weeks would only attract an interest rate of N1,500. I paid back in less than 24hours that I got the loan and I still paid the normal interest rate they charged me which is N1,500 on the N10,000. So even if you paid back earlier than the time you selected, they would still charge the same interest rate


See how I paid back the loan after I got it.

Once you log into your dashboard, you will see the current loan you have applied for and you will also see the PAY NOW button. Click on it and the page below would come up.

paylater4I selected mastercard because I intend to use my atm card to pay online. If you want to make the direct deposit into their account, you will click on Cash payment and their account details would be displayed. If you want to pay online using your atm card like myself, click on the button with mastercard logo and the page below would come up


Enter your credit card details appropriately and click OK once you are done

The transaction would be processed in few minutes and the payment would be settled as you can see displayed below


If you want a loan up to a million naira, simply proceed to their sister’s website which is to sign up. You must reside in Lagos to gain access to this facility on but with, you can apply and get a small loan from anywhere in Nigeria and pay back with interest in 15days or 30 days time.

If you find this post useful, feel free to share this post with your friends and family and remember to ask questions and share your views in the comment section below.

Happy Easter celebration to you and your family…

Memo– This message is for people who are skeptical about giving out their BVN. To the best of my knowledge, BVN is a Bank Verification Number, meaning, it can only be used for verification purposes.

It can also be used in cases of Fraud. Therefore, to this company, your BVN is just like a collateral. If not, why would a company that does not know you from Adam be willing to part with their money just like that?

If you refused to pay back the loan, how will they be able to take a legal action against you?

If you are saying that someone can take money from your account without your permission through your BVN, does it now mean that, if you should write your BVN somewhere and someone gets to see it, that means for security reasons, you need to go back to your bank and request for a new BVN right?

Let’s not be too ignorant about certain things, BVN is not your atm Pin or card details. It is simply a verification number used for verification purposes and if you are still not convinced, you don’t need to bother yourself about taking a loan from this company. You can simply ignore the information.

A lot of people have benefited from this information already. It is a matter of choice not a must.

Author: Aderonke Bamidele

I am an Information Entrepreneur Queen. I have passion of helping people who are searching for relevant information from the web to solve their day to day problems. Remember; knowledge is power. I also like to write about the general things that are happening in my country. From money making ideas to Latest news and celebrity gossips. My passion for blogging is strictly inspired by things that I love to talk about.

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  1.'Akpan Emmanuel F.

    Great post but giving out ones BVN is way not ideal at all…

  2. Kenneth

    Hello Mrs bams, thank you very much for the loan update, but my challenge is based on the fact of releasing BVN to Nigerians which connect to all your Acct. Fine the loan thing might be very real, but Nigerians can be very dangerous in place of giving your BVN to them.

  3.'stanley Williams pius

    The queen. Good evening and thanks for the update. it is amazing that the financial market is growing wide this time with extensive security to protect everyone and making everyone feel better.
    my question now is, if your name on Facebook aren’t the same with the bank account, you can’t get the loan??
    hope to hear from you soonest

  4.'Oladipupo David

    This is a great idea, i think am interested
    Thank you Aderonke

  5.'Ajomale idowu obafemi

    Thank you for the information but the interest is too much

  6.'Sani Ibrahim

    What is the big deal about BVN number? Let’s not be superstitious about things. There are many steps in withdrawing money and you must give this things out responsibly.

  7.'Lawal Oyeleke ahmed

    Thanks for the info. But the interest rate is on higher side. Ammuch interested in having you as my info buz. model cos of your uprightness and plain honest in you and your write-ups.


    how can i apply for loan to state a small business of my own soon.what will i need to do as soon as possible.

  9.'Umeaso Emeka

    Great info.but d interest rate so high and d amount too small at least they should make it up to 100k so dat wen paying interest u have achieve something meaningful wit it. thanks

  10.'Diamond Asibor

    Thanks so much for the info, but some Nigerians are just too funny and lazy. What is BVN? In fact, BVN is not a key to any account for your information. And how could people be saying the interest rate is too much? Do people really know what it is to get a Loan from the bank? We should stop this idea of wanting everything free free free for crying out loud.

  11.'Leci Nwikaka

    Madam, that is interesting but can one invest this minimum loan of 10,000.00 on the internet business and make profit to payback in 30 days.

  12.'Sunday Abu

    I am impressed about this information and this facility made available in this country, Nigeria. Thank you my coach for taking your time to do all this reviews to feed us with valuable information that could help us move forward. More grace to your elbows.

  13.'Atsaka Mercy Chidiebere

    I love and admire you so much,everyday my dreamz and wish is that you are my sister or a close friend


    This is great and thanks a great deal Mrs Bams.You said the money can made if it is channeled into Advertising online,can you enlighten us more.Thank you once again

  15.'Douglas mallo

    This is an Easter gift from you to us i can’t thans you enough, actually I saw something similar to this on Twitter but I ignored it,madam thankyou so much for giving us hope always, all your informations always reliable, God bless you, protect you and your family ,you a big blessing to us ,have a wonderful time at Easter.

  16.'Richard ita

    Nice and useful indeed…. but am curious, does paylater have any form of referral program that one can also cash in on??? Am asking cos I checked thru ur post and there’s no link.

    Would be nice if they had one.

  17.'Azeez Adegbite

    It is a timely info needed at this time. Even though I have not bought any of your products but my spirit works with a honest baby(sorry I mean madam) like you. May God bless everything that has to do with you in Jesus name.

  18.'Vivian Hephzibah

    This is good and timely information. Remain blessed

  19.'Adeye azeez

    Its a good ideal but two things make it hard 1 bvn,2 high interest.


    Madam,don’t you think that their interest rate is too high? Thanks!


    This is info is an added advantage….thanks ma infoprenure queen


    Bams (name sake) until now , i know you are the best, thanks for sharing the info and more grace to your elbow.
    have applied already, but they haven’t sent me the code up till now.! For the sist company- one-cred., i applied for it sometime ago, someone(moyo) called me from their office , asked for my credentials, which i have and till date , no call again. I called Moyo who said , she doesn’t know why the manager have not call me but believe you me , no one has called me till now. i really don’t know what to do next? Can you help anyway further?

  23.'nzube onwughalu

    Pls am I free to post this article on my blog?

  24.'gboyelade adekunle

    u said if the loan of 10,000 is channeled through adversiting then u can make profit within 30days and pay back the requested loan amount. how? pls i need clarification.thanks


    i have tried but i was denied d loan, even after submitting all my information


    @ Adekunle and others.
    It all depends on what you can do. (but I thank God for such a life changing opportunity). Because some people will access this loan and at the end still go back to the house to find some money to repay loan. This makes no sense. I personally accessed this loan and I’ll tell you it’s great. I used it to create an income opportunity for myself which will ever make me smile.

    You can check out how I made it here @ or WhatsApp 08083704278 for details.


    hello ma i really appreciate you for this wonderful information that you give us free God bless you ma.


    nice one here, i really like to be a part of this. Has anyone tried it

  29. Anonymous

    must i download the app before i would be able to use it because they are demanding i download the app from play store before i can be able to login or sign up with facebook


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